Morning Reads for Wednesday, May 25th, The Day After

Ed is in Kazakhstan. I had to Google Kazakhstan to figure out exactly where it was. Turns out it’s just north of Uzbekistan, one of Herman Cain’s favorite places. Since Ed is there, and I am here, it’s up to me to bring you the Morning Reads.

The big story this morning is the election results. 66 votes separate Mike Crane and Drew Ferguson in the District 3 House race. Doug Collins kept his 9th district seat, as did the rest of the GOP congressmen. David Ralston, Bill Cowsert, Terry England and the rest of the Gold Dome Leadership kept their seats. Brandon Beach won his hard-fought race,. Cobb County gets a runoff for Commission Chair, while Michael Thurmond is the Democratic nominee for DeKalb CEO with November’s election mostly a formality. Incumbents, including Brooks Coleman and Joyce Chandler kept their seats in Gwinnett. In South Georgia, Blake Tillery won a nasty race to replace Tommie Williams. And, Snuggles lives, but will face a runoff. Here’s a recap of middle Georgia races from the Macon Telegraph and North Georgia winners from the Rome News Tribune.

Some of you woke up disappointed this morning because your candidate didn’t win. It’s something that’s happened to a lot of us here at GeorgiaPol. Charlie wrote this back in 2010, after Karen Handel came up short. Two years ago, Chet took to the keyboard as a cathartic the day after Jack Kingston lost to David Perdue. This year’s version comes from Will, who took to Twitter with his prescription for getting past an electoral defeat.

Atlanta picks up the Super Bowl in 2019. Here’s the Andrew Young video that closed the deal.

When Paul Ryan became Speaker of the House, he promised to return to regular order, one of the demands of the Freedom Caucus. Now, regular order is beginning to lead to some uncomfortable GOP votes.

Charleston gunman Dylann Roof will face the death penalty.

For my millennial friends not familiar with Whitewater, cattle futures, Vince Foster. or Ken Starr, you’re sure to learn about them now. Donald Trump will make sure of it.

When Republicans become Democrats and vice versa. This is part of the explanation for the Trump phenomenon. So is this.

Resistance to MARTA is exploited for political gain. Right, Aaron?

In Albuquerque New Mexico, protesters cause a near riot during a Trump rally.

We’ll all be enjoying Arby’s soon.


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