Hey, It’s Lies In Your Mailbox Season!

It’s that time of year when literally unbelievable nonsense shows up in your mailbox, such as this accusation from embattled DeKalb District Attorney Robert James accusing his opponent Sherry Boston of handcuffing a victim of domestic violence with two broken arms and leaving her that way for 17 days. No really. The same guy who let former Commissioner Elaine Boyer keep her pension but charged her aide Bob Lundsten with 9 felonies over some $300 in mislabeled receipts wants you to believe that Sherry Boston handcuffed a woman with two broken arms for 17 days.

Apparently, Robert James thinks you’re stupid and forgetful, and that you don’t care that he has just re-endangered a victim of domestic violence for political gain.

Esther Panitch, the attorney for the victim, has released a statement: “Just when I thought we had seen as low as local politics could go, a new low was reached.  A mailer was sent to thousands of DeKalb residents naming my former client as a victim of domestic violence, WITHOUT HER KNOWLEDGE, and grossly misleading the public as to her injuries.   Endangering a woman for political gain may be one of the reckless decisions a district attorney could make.  You should be fearful that if you are ever a victim in DeKalb county, you, too, may one day wake up to find your name on a politician’s campaign flyer.”

That’s right, the lead prosecutor for DeKalb County used the name of a victim of domestic violence, without her permission, in a campaign flyer. To score dishonest political points.

So if you’re ever the victim of domestic violence in DeKalb County, don’t worry. Come election time, Robert James will make sure you get to be victimized all over again.

*Disclosure: I helped candidate Sherry Boston with her initial announcement and her television advertising, both of which were truthful.


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