Morning Reads — May 16th

Our Morning Reads don’t normally feature dogs, but this story about Daisy, the new mascot for the Savannah Bananas, is worth retelling.

The AJC released the results of a big poll this weekend. Trump leads Hillary (barely), Johnny Isakson is likely to keep his Senate seat, and voters are evenly split on Governor Deal’s veto of the religious liberty bill. Take a look at the Interactive results and full crosstabs.

The world’s largest Relay for Life event took place this weekend at the Gwinnett County fairgrounds. Participants hope to raise $2 million to fight cancer by August. They are over halfway there.

New graduates at UGA’s School of Public and International Affairs got to hear former Gov. Roy Barnes talk about bathroom gender issues and southern racial animus in a pre-graduation convocation on Friday. Mercer University grads, on the other hand, got to see former Gov. Jimmy Carter present an honorary doctorate to Gregg Allman.

After the New York Times publishes an exposĂȘ of Donald Trump’s dalliances with women, GOP Chair Reince Priebus says, “Move along, nothing to see here.”

What do you think of as being a “normal” American city? Chattanooga? Greenville, SC? Indianapolis? Nah, those were the normal American cities in the ’50s. For today’s normal, think New Haven CT, Tampa, or Chicago.

At GOP state party conventions over the weekend, party leaders tried to crush the #NeverTrump movement. That worked in some places. Others, not so much.

25 year old Evan Spiegel’s obsession with privacy gave us Snapchat, used by almost 65% of 18-24 year olds.

How the 1968 presidential election of Richard Nixon, the 1979 peak in manufacturing employment, and the 2008 election of Barack Obama led to the 2016 GOP nomination of Donald Trump.

Instagram changes its logo, and the internet freaks out.

Editor’s note: We told you last week that Will Kremer, the normal author of the Monday Morning Reads, was taking a few weeks off so he could come to his senses following some inappropriate remarks about GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. What we didn’t know at the time was that Kremer was fixing to drop an ethics complaint against one of the candidates in the GOP primary for House District 80. The subject of the complaint got upset, and we understand she was working to replace Will’s boat shoes with cement shoes. We hope, but cannot guarantee, that Will will be back next Monday. Meanwhile, have a great week!

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John Konop
John Konop

If Hillary becomes president, would our immigration policy be open boarders? Does this make any sense?

……….Clinton and Sanders oppose Obama: Stop the deportations

They may be opponents in the Democratic presidential primary, but when it comes to deporting undocumented immigrants, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders agree: President Barack Obama is wrong.

Reuters reported Thursday that U.S. immigration officials are planning a series of raids over the next month targeting mothers and children who have entered the country illegally from Central America……….

John Konop
John Konop

I like Will Kremer, and respect his will thought-out opinions, agree or not. I hope to have you back soon!


As someone who lives and works in/around Chattanooga, I can attest that it ain’t “normal”. We have *a lot* of hipsters here.


Interestingly, Nathan, the article reads that Chattanooga isn’t normal in the “stuck-in-the-1950s” way, not the “overly hip etc.” way.
And having recently moved from Cincinnati… It’s definitely stuck in the 1950s. If not the 1920s. Or the 1850s.


NeverTrump and Hillary as President would change America forever due to the extreme partisanship today in selecting Supreme Court Justices.

For one, the expansion of public benefits, entitlements and social programs to all people, legal or “illegal” in the US is picking up speed. Moore’s law will apply to the National debt.


And on the local front we see articles such as the one in the AJC on the plight of big stores and the closure impact on local property taxes and sales taxes. The shortfall will be made up on the backs of residents in the form of higher sales and property taxes along with more user fees. A main factor in this shift….internet sales…we are picking away on Internet sales taxes but our main legislative focus is on religious and bathroom freedoms in the stores left standing. It is not productive to fight to avoid internet sales taxes and other… Read more »


I have seen Daisy the bat dog up live and in person. She is one incredibly cute and adorable puppy. Even made the Washington post last week.