Morning Reads for When Only the Best Will Do (AKA: May 11, 2016)

Oh and it’s Wednesday so Ed is doing the MRs so the best was already assured.

“I Do Adore Her” Harry Belafonte

  1. David Perdue: “No question” our debt levels undermine national security; debt seeming the be-all-end-all of U.S. foreign policy. 
  2. Jimmy Carter’s philosophy behind his energy policy should be adopted by Clinton. 
  3. Cherokee Tribune & Ledger-News endorses Johnny Isakson for reelection. 
  4. You know the old saw: As goes Canton, so goes–uh… some other larger part of Georgia?
  5. GA GOP hopefuls seem to be getting behind Trump; enthusiasm levels unknown. 
  6. Atlanta had an 867% increase in the number of high-end rental properties from 2012-15. 
  7. The absurdly skyrocketing housing prices in Atlanta don’t seem to be good for anyone.
  8. City of Milton wants feedback on comprehensive transportation plan. 
  9. 81-year-old graduates from GSU. 
  10. America’s greatest laureate (and my boy) Justin Bieber got a tat. On his face. 
  11. Pride of Georgia arrested after 48 years on the lam. 
  12. Pro tip: if you are a criminal on the run from the authorities, maybe don’t tell the authorities where you are.
  13. Good thing Alvarez was so eager to lose to GGG. 
  14. Jessa Crispin doubles down on being a loon, says Paris Review can’t be called boring (mainly because it isn’t boring, not because you’d be violating some mores of the literary world). 

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