In A Deepening Schism, I Side With Speaker Paul Ryan

I’m coming to grips with Donald Trump becoming the standard bearer of our Republican Party.  That means that, traditionally, he’ll get to call the shots…including setting a platform for the Republican National Committee and a tone of Republican policy for the next four years.

Speaker Paul Ryan, the man, if we are able to maintain the House in November, who a President Trump would have to negotiate with (which, he shouldn’t have a problem in doing…he’s the best, apparently…or something) in order to get his policies through.

I believe Speaker Ryan is the leader Republicans have needed for a long time.  A calm, even-keeled person who is young and able to communicate alternative policies.  He’s the man who has helped move the Republican Party from the “Party of No” to a Party that does offer up alternatives and communicates those alternatives.

Last week, Speaker Ryan said that he wasn’t able to offer support to Mr. Trump “at this time”.  Sarah Palin said that she would work to “Cantor” the Speaker by working to elect his primary opponent.  I’m sure she’s upset that the Speaker isn’t falling in-line behind the presumptive nominee.  I think the Speaker is standing from a position of strength and wants to work to bring the House, and the Legislative branch, back to a co-equal branch rather than being ran roughshod by the Chief Executive.

Also, note that the Speaker said “at this time.”  I believe that means that there will be pointed, honest discussions between Mr. Trump and Speaker Ryan in hopes of winning the Speaker to his side.  Of course, it’s interesting to see a lot of “Conservative” pundits willing demonize the Speaker for his hesitation to back the presumptive nominee right now.  It’s a healthy discussion to have especially when a lot of what are normally Republican strongholds are starting to waver on support.

Mr. Trump, as well as a lot of his supporters, have been crass and rude throughout this campaign by saying that he/they are throwing out “political correctness” in favor of no-holds-barred rhetoric.  Speaker Ryan, since his election as Speaker of the House, has been trying to communicate more about our conservative policies rather than just rhetoric.

Speaker Ryan, no doubt, wants to support Donald Trump for President, but I’m betting that he wants an assurance that a President Trump will work with his equal and not dictate what the Speaker and the House will do.  I don’t want a President, Democrat or Republican, who will dictate policy.  I want a President who will work with a Republican House and Senate and craft the best policy that we can get, and sometimes that may even mean compromise within our own Party to move the conservative agenda forward.

A schism has deepened in our Party, and it appears to me that the fissures are along the lines of explosive, incendiary rhetoric used by Mr. Trump and the more thoughtful, logical level-headed communication from Speaker Ryan.

I’d rather have the latter rather than the former.


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