Morning Reads: May 6, 2016

Ginny is away in New York, so you are stuck with me bringing the news today.

Math Equation for today’s date: 5 = 6 * 2 – 0 – 1 – 6 (Got anymore?)

A Few Moments in History from May 6:
1861 – Arkansas secedes from the Union
1863 – Confederacy wins The Battle of Chancellorsville
1915 – Babe Ruth hits his first home run

Some Famous May 6 Birthdays:
George Clooney (55), Willie Mays (85), Tony Blair (63), Bob Seger (71), Sigmund Freud, Orson Welles

And The News

  • Rep. Kevin Cooke calls out Gov. Nathan Deal on WLBB (1330 AM): LINK
  • Speaker David Ralston vows to continue the fight for campus carry: LINK
  • Georgia Democratic Party points out that the “Department of Justice looking into Sec. Brian Kemp’s Elections Failures”: LINK
  • Speaker Paul Ryan not ready to get behind Donald Trump: LINK
  • Robert Highsmith, partner at Holland & Knight, to sing the National Anthem at the Hawks Game 3 Playoff game: LINK
  • Augusta – Richmond County Sheriff’s Office begins “Suns Out, Guns Out (of the wrong hands)” program to remove 500 illegal guns from the streets over the next 500 days: LINK
  • Man makes miniature Jurassic Park…for his tortoise: LINK
  • Augusta to get a new data center and technology park that will invest $90-150 million: LINK
  • Savannah pastor indicted in federal court for embezzlement of over $250,000 from his church: LINK
  • Cumberland Island records the first sea turtle nest of 2016: LINK
  • Joe Earle provides write up of “voter guides” for GOP candidates in House District 80 race: LINK
  • Caitlyn Jenner to pose nude on Sport Illustrated cover with Olympic medal: LINK
  • 57 people apply to be Statesboro’s next City Manager: LINK
  • GA-12 – Democratic congressional candidate Joyce Nolin is a newcomer to politics: LINK
  • Emma Watson wears dress made of recycled bottles at the Met Gala: LINK
  • Columbus has four local races that will be decided in the Democratic Primary: LINK
  • Statesboro – Bulloch County Coroner has the cremated remains of 16 people in his office closet: LINK
  • UGA Coach Kirby Smart: “Do not harm the team” with social media: LINK
  • WalletHub ranks Georgia 43rd for working moms: LINK
  • Federal authorities indict 32 alleged gang members from Georgia: LINK

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Who should get the blame for the latest Milestones end-of-grade test screw-up?

1) State School Superintendent Richard Woods. The buck stops there.
2) Governor Nathan Deal. The buck really stops there.
3) teachers. This wouldn’t have happened if we had merit pay.
4) students. Little texting rabble.
5) rogue IT workers. Hey, it worked for Kemp.

Will Durant
Will Durant

Woods already had to fire a crony IT guy for inappropriate (racist) FB posts.


I have this theory: A lot of the antagonism in politics these days has its roots in the Clinton era; the impeachment, all the conspiracy theories, etc. So I suspect a lot of those people are Trump supporters- you know, the type that are willing to burn the place down without having a rebuilding plan. So ordinarily there would be a fair amount of ‘independents’ or swing voters who would consider the Repub candidate, but this year many of them won’t (we’ll see). So in effect, the anti-Clinton conspiracy theorists could actually facilitate her success. Irony.

Andrew C. Pope
Andrew C. Pope

But 99% of those independents are blue collar auto workers whose children were ritually sacrificed and buried in mass graves thanks to a provision in NAFTA.


Thank Newt…he was chief architect


Today I learned:
The Rules of Golf allow you to replace a damaged club during a round but not if the damage was done in anger.

If only that rule could be more widely applied.

Will Durant
Will Durant

So next time just laugh uproariously and sing praises to the Almighty while you commence to wrapping it around a tree.


The IRS will never call you, don’t be scammed.
The IRS might be calling you, don’t ignore them.