Morning Reads for Cinco-De-Mayo Eve/ALMOST DERBY DAY

Place your bets on Exaggerator or Gun Runner. And prepare for lots of queso (hopefully too much queso which, intriguingly, is always just enough queso).

  1. NY Times has fawning praise for Georgia State’s efforts to prevent students dropping out. 
  2. Their description of my time there: “a poor-performing, big urban institution with low graduation rates and yawningly wide racial gaps” ayyyyy 🙁
  3. ATL City Council: you want to build high rises with public funds? Include affordable housing. 
  4. International progressive journalism heroine shows love to Creative Loafing calls it “very important”. 
  5. 500 jobs could be cut in APS turnaround. 
  6. ATL Fed Prez: Two rate hikes this year “certainly possible”; Brexit is bad. 
  7. When Lockhart talks, the world listens.
  8. Delta could be developing new business model; no scheduled departure for 20 years. 
  9. The block right across from Ponce City Market really needed a mixed-use condo/dining/retail development with a three-storey parking garage to differentiate itself from the mixed-use condo/dining/retail development with a two-storey parking garage right across the street. 
  10. Tyler Kepner: No Place to Go But Up for Bravos
  11. “Newly Unearthed Version of Elie Wiesel’s Seminal Work Is a Scathing Indictment of God, Jewish World”
  12. Oh. Is that all.

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