Congrats To Rich “Sully” Sullivan – Moving On Up

Rich Sullivan has been the mid-day host on WGST for a bit over two years.  During that time he’s been quite gracious to allow us an hour per week to bring you some talk in the #GAPol realm.  We’ve gotten to know him well during this time, and that goes to show who he actually is:  A generous and selfless man.

Sully came to WGST after a stint out of radio that was unplanned – when the old DAVE FM changed formats.  He found a new home at iHeart Media, and has split his time between WGST’s AM talk format and Radio 105 on the FM dial.

He and I have talked at length about where we wanted the show to go.  When the show started neither of us knew.  Along the way we seem to have both figured it out.  Sully prefers the FM side of the dial, and has the opportunity to pursue that.  Today was his last show on WGST.  He recorded a video message about the move that you can watch here.

As for me and the rest of us at GeorgiaPol, consider our radio program on hiatus.  We’ll take a break for a while and see if there’s another format that suits us and our time constraints that gets us out from behind the keyboard.  Honestly, it’s not a top priority at this point. Until then, just want to say thanks to Sully for a fun and interesting two years.  To Alfred for pretending like we did a good job each week.  And to WGST for letting us play around an hour per week with live mics that were attached to actual sponsors.

And with that, we’re left with but one lasting memory:  Rhino Shield – it’s better than paint.

Bye Felicia Randy.


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