GeorgiaPol Radio – Episode 14 for April 29, 2016: Hold On To Your Hat

It’s the weekend, and that means that the GeorgiaPol #RINORadioPowerHour.  Over-caffeinated Charlie Harper and Stefan Turkheimer have taken the keys to the radio booth and talk about politics.  Jon Richards was heading back from the #RINOEstablishmentSyndicated Headquarters in Washington, DC.  I’m sure he was getting the latest instructions from the Overlords (the good thing about being a sitting member of the #RepublicanEstablishment is that they automatically send instructions through a mind ray system…it’s kinda like a podcast, but more B movie-style) on how to prepare for the state convention in June.

Here’s what happened this week:

  • Segment 1: The Democratic candidate for US Senate Jim Barksdale and his hat finally make an appearance.  Charlie and Stefan discuss on who has more Twitter followers: Jim Barksdale or Jim Barksdale’s hat.  Discussion of how a Trump nomination affect Senator Johnny Isakson’s general election chances.
  • Segment 2: Robbie Ashe, III, MARTA board chairman joins Charlie and Stefan on the air to discuss transit in and around Atlanta
  • Segment 3: Governor Nathan Deal signed a bill into law this week that addresses criminal justice reform.  Charlie makes note of the Governor’s goal to those who break the law but are non-violent offenders pay their debt to society and become productive members of society.  Stefan talks about President Barack Obama’s kind words for Governor Deal’s efforts, and Charlie talks about how our junior “outsider” US Senator decided to time a press release of his opposition to a bi-partisan federal criminal justice reform bill with Governor Deal’s signing of the state criminal justice reform bill.
  • Segment 4: Presidential Politics!  The Bern is subsiding for Hillary’s coronation on the Democratic side.  Trump’s march towards 1237 is picking up pace.  Cruz is mathematically eliminated from a first ballot win, but *could* win a second ballot.  However, Trump hits 1237, and a second ballot won’t happen.  That being said, a poll earlier this week shows the potential of Hillary winning Georgia.  Stefan isn’t as optimistic of Hillary winning.

We are always appreciative of Rich “Sully” Sullivan allowing #RINORadioPowerHour to take over the air every Friday on 640AM WGST at noon.  You can listen to GeorgiaPol Radio anywhere in the Atlanta area by tuning to 640 on your AM dial or anywhere on planet Earth from your desktop or the iHeartRadio app.

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