WGST GeorgiaPol Radio – 4-29-16 Edition

It’s Friday, and I’m over-caffeinated.  That probably means spirited GeorgiaPol radio today at noon.

Stefan Turkheimer and I will take over the Rhino Shield Studio from Sully (Rhino Shield, It’s better than paint) for our weekly attempt at talk radio.  So what are we going to talk about?

Apparently Jim Barksdale came out of hiding, and didn’t see his shadow.  I guess we’ll have a few more months of him campaigning.

We’ll talk with MARTA board Chairman Robbie Ashe III regarding the newly signed law that allows local referendums to fund MARTA expansion and road improvements in Fulton County.

The Governor signed his fifth Criminal Justice Reform bill into law this week.  That’s entering legacy territory.

And it appears we now have two inevitable nominees for both Republicans and Democrats for President.  So why aren’t many partisans overly happy?

We’ll start there, and see where the caffeine takes us.  Noon at 640AM on your AM dial, or listen at this link right here.

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