Making Wednesday Morning Reads Great Again

Who missed me? No one? Oh.

“Raising the Skate” by Speedy Ortiz.

  1. So uh… it is now past time to start saying “presumptive nominee Trump.” 
  2. lol?
  3. One feels disappointed that Atlanta rapper Li’l Yachty’s endorsement was not enough for Sanders to win. 
  4. Gov. Deal says OK to $2.5 billion MARTA expansion. 
  5. How Georgia State’s retention grant program keep the dream of college degrees for minority and disadvantaged students. 
  6. Fellow Atlantans: must you really be told by the relevant authorities to not take a selfie with a wild gator?
  7. ATL Fed: Economy grew 0.4% in 1Q.
  8. Which one of you scored big at the Dali auction yesterday? 
  9. Hubble discovers moon orbiting dwarf planet Makemake. 
  10. Can we just ponder for a moment that it isn’t enough we are now able to properly identify deeper reaches of creation, but that anyone can now access that at any time any where they want?

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