Morning Reads With the Gift of Love

My birthday is on Friday and honestly, all I want is love. And you show your love by buying very expensive gifts.

“Dopamine” by DIIV. 

  1. Airports Council International: Hartsfield still the busiest. 
  2. Harvard students continue proud Yankee tradition of trying to…ahem… redesign Atlanta. 
  3. On the phenomenon of the legislature’s shrinking lawyer corp. 
  4. What do you call 25 lawyers up to their neck in wet cement? (Not enough cement).
  5. Insurance Commissioner to Allstate customers: you’re about to be in expensive hands. 
  6. Some APS parents don’t like school turnaround plan. 
  7. Does the King Queen of England still own land in Georgia? Well, yes, actually. Maybe sort of. 
  8. Financial Times on Dixie’s anti-gay backlash. 
  9. Hawks revitalizing downtown is one of five priorities for the new owner of ATL’s shootyhoops club. 
  10. November could be one of the most pivotal months for Atlanta’s transportation infrastructure. 
  11. Fury vs Klitschko rematch set for July 9. 

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