Morning Reads to Begin My Birthday Celebrations

You have a mere eight shopping days left for my birthday. For those of you who were wondering…

“Solitary Confinement” by the Members. 

While, at times, Georgia may be a bit of a laughingstock at least we are neither Mississippi nor Alabama (thanks, Seth for the AL link).

  1. Reed sez city employees can’t travel to NC due to new, very-similar-to-RFRA law. 
  2. Want to tell Atlanta how it’s doing? Now you can! 
  3. Want to know about the US Department of Transportation’s plan for a unified Southeast rail link? 
  4. Georgia’s supreme court expansion highlighted in report on the increasing politicization of state judiciaries. 
  5. On Tuesday, Atlanta Federal Reserve said GDP grew at 0.4% in the first quarter. 
  6. GSU’s basketball team worth $11.5 million. 
  7. Cops now take more stuff from citizens than criminals thanks to the wonderful civil forefiture laws like Georgia’s got on the books. #liberty

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