WGST GeorgiaPol Radio For 1 April 2016

It’s Friday and that means – Double GeorgiaPol radio, but packed into one hour for efficiency sake.  Your regular GeorgiaPol radio crew decided we were all busy doing…anything else next week, so if you want your radio fix with Jon, Stefan, and me, better tune in at noon.

Today on the show, we’ve got boycotts.  First we seemed to have dodged a bullet with the Governor’s veto of HB 757 on Monday.  No sooner do we get past that then the Episcopalians are up in arms and threatening to move to Florida.  We’ll see if we can get someone on from the Church to talk to about that.

We’ll also talk to contributor Will Kremer about his “Buddy for Buddy” bill, which once again failed to reach the Governor’s Desk.

So…RFRA, Episcopalians, Bearded Dragons, Probably some Donald v Hillary.   I dunno, but we’ll fill up hour noon hour.  Listen live on 640AM or this link right here.


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