Rep. John Lewis Commemorates Cesar Chavez Day

From the Office of Congressman John Lewis:

The second anniversary of Cesar Chavez Day reminds us of the legacy left by a man whose unwavering dedication to civil rights changed the fabric of American life forever. Cesar Chavez represented an inexorable force against injustice, discrimination, and hate.

I knew and worked with Cesar Chavez on several occasions. I witnessed his commitment to the philosophy and discipline of nonviolence as he fought for the rights of migrant farm workers and the Latino working poor.

As we commemorate Cesar Chavez Day, it is essential that we carry on the traditions he left behind of peaceful activism, compassion, and most importantly, respect for all humanity. Cesar Chavez has shown us that the darkness we cast when we focus on our differences can never triumph over the transformative radiance we spread when we build on a foundation of unity.

In honor of Cesar Chavez, we should rededicate ourselves to his for respect the dignity and worth of every human being, whether black or white, Latino, Asian or Native American, gay, straight, or transgendered. We must come to see all life as meaningful, as a spark of the divine.

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worth of every human being, whether black or white, Latino, Asian or Native American, gay, straight, or transgendered.

Calls for unity while still dividing unique Americans into media created tags and labels. Can’t we just all get along??


C. Jack Ellis commemorated the day with t-shirts a few years ago. I wonder if there are any still around?

John Konop
John Konop

John Lewis should read what Chavez said about illegal immigration. ……..In fact, in 1979, Mr. Chavez, testifying before Congress, pointed out that when farm workers strike and their strike is successful, the employers go to Mexico and have unlimited, unrestricted use of illegal immigrants to break our strikes.” β€œHe also pointed out that the employers used professional smugglers to recruit and transport human contraband across the Mexican border specifically to break the union strikes of the farm workers. I think as we recognize him, we understand that history does repeat itself,” Bilbray continued. β€œYears and years later, 20 years later,… Read more »