Morning Reads for Almost Opening Day (And Almost My Birthday)

Is it coincidence that two of the top five days in mankind’s history (MLB Opening Day and my birthday) are so close? Probably not. #IntelligentDesign

“Big Dipper” by Built to Spill

One of These is the Most Pressing Issue in the World Today. You Decide Which.

  1. GSU eyes conference title, continued growth. 
  2. Sam Nunn offers key to prevent ISIS from getting a nuclear bomb. (Hint: get rid of nuclear material lying around). 
  3. Long commutes are literally killing you and other Georgians. 
  4. What can “Candide” teach us about gardening? 

Maybe Less Important, Maybe Not. 

  1. Koch Brothers want to destroy Yallywood. 
  2. John Lewis to be keynote speaker at Poynter Center centennial celebrations. 
  3. Obama’s presentation in Atlanta on Tuesday. 
  4. Dennis Lockhart, the best Fed Prez in the world, says economy is strong enough to justify raising short-term interest rates. 
  5. The tragic Georgia connection to the Brussels attack. 

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