GeorgiaPol Radio – Episode 11 for March 25, 2016: Sine #DONE

The Georgia General Assembly wrapped up the 2016 session this past Thursday.  Charlie Harper, Jon Richards, and Stefan Turkheimer took to the airwaves of WGST  during The Sully Show to discuss the end of the session for this week’s edition of GeorgiaPol Radio.

Here’s this week’s summary:

Segment 1:  Charlie, Jon, and Stefan talk about the end of the legislative session and some aspects of the session that showed that bi-partisanship isn’t dead yet.

Segment 2:  The gang discussed positive legislation that came out of this year’s session.

Segment 3:  #RFRA part…well, I lost count, but there’s talk about what passed last week, Governor Nathan Deal’s decision on whether he’ll sign or veto the bill, and the odd piece of legislation that came up during the 11th hour of the session.

Segment 4:  Charlie talks about how it seems like a few folks on the Republican side of the aisle have decided to “weaponize Christianity” and contrasts that against the meaning of Good Friday and Easter.

That’s it for #RINORadioPowerHour this week.  As always, we are eternally grateful for Rich “Sully” Sullivan allowing Charlie, Jon, and Stefan to take over the radio booth at WGST.  You can listen to the #RINORadioPowerHour every Friday at 12 noon on 640 AM in the Atlanta area or your browser or iHeartMedia app anywhere on planet Earth with an Internet connection.

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