Georgia Legislators Condemn Brussels Terrorist Attacks

By now you have probably heard about the terrorist attacks in Brussels Belgium that have killed dozens of people. At the Gold Dome, Speaker David Ralston opened the morning session with a moment of silence in memory of those who lost their lives.

Georgia’s DC lawmakers reacted as well, beginning with Senator David Perdue, who serves on the Senate Foreign Relations committee:

Our prayers go out to the people of Belgium as they deal with terrorist attacks in their nation’s capital. Too often, the world has witnessed violence at the hands of radical terrorists, and this ruthless enemy must be stopped. Our nation stands with our friend and ally, Belgium, to bring those responsible for these evil attacks to justice.

Senator Johnny Isakson:

As we learn more about the senseless acts of terror that occurred in Brussels, we stand united with Belgium and all freedom-loving nations against these evil acts of violence.

I have stated time and again that you cannot negotiate with someone who would cut off your head. ISIL must be dealt with by no other means than with the intention of eradicating them from the face of the Earth. Today’s attacks are a stark reminder that the threat of ISIL is not contained. It is past time for President Obama to stop dismissing ISIL and instead equip and enable our armed forces and our intelligence agencies to root out terrorists wherever they are.

Dianne and I send our thoughts and prayers to the families and victims of the Belgium attacks.

Third District Rep. Lynn Westmoreland:

Joan and I send our most heartfelt condolences to the people of Belgium tonight as they deal with such tragedy and loss. We lift up those suffering in prayer as the world ties to grapple with such unexplainable acts of violence.

While there is still much to be learned about the attack, all signs point to an act of terror. Paris, San Bernandino, and now Brussels – these cowardly attacks on innocent souls are the result of a weak response to the overpowering ideology of radical Islam.

Enough is enough. America must cease to lead from behind and lead the charge to eliminate radical Islamic terrorism once and for all.

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I am taking a group of teenage young ladies to Washington DC in April. I think we can keep them away from gang crossfire and have minimum concern with whites or Hispanics or Blacks or indigents. Where our concern is, we are using public transportation where radical Islamic terrorists target our innocent children. The Muslims sit quietly fearing the radicals they know amongst them, Exacerbating the problem. I will be playing the odds and be profiling Muslims on the poorest of ground, appearance, as our government will not follow due diligence. Their parents expect at least that much rather than… Read more »


You’re too much.

But since you’ll be in DC, take your unlucky charges to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Maybe they can learn from someone other than their chaperone what happens when fear, ignorance and hate for other peoples and religions are allowed to spread in an otherwise decent society.


Enjoy your ignorant Lala land sitting by the nazi skinheads. We plan to have a wonderful time looking for positives, alertly.


Bloomberg: Two U.S. senators and several Obama administration officials who attended (a forum) had just passed through the main terminal of the Brussels airport.


Sen. Shaheen had left early on Monday. Who were the two that had just left?


Don’t recall article saying but saw a piece where Hawks hall of famer Mutombo got the heck scared out of him in the Brussels airport. Close calls.