DeKalb DA Disclosure Raises Some Eyebrows

There is a Democratic primary for District Attorney in DeKalb County, pitting the incumbent Robert James against the current county solicitor Sherry Boston.

First, Richard Hyde – of Mike Bowers/Richard Hyde fame investigating the County – contributed to Robert’s campaign in the middle of the DeKalb investigation (Robert was the focus of part of the investigation).
See disclosure here:

hyde line robert james

Bowers/Hyde report was issued on September 30, 2015, which is two months after this contribution was made.

So while the District Attorney (among others) was being investigated by Hyde, he solicited (presumably), was given, and accepted, a contribution from the investigator. That’s odd at best.

Second, Chris Chestnut contributed to Robert’s campaign 8 days after Robert indicted a police officer for killing Anthony Hill (the naked veteran who the police officer allegedly killed).  Chestnut represents Hill’s estate (or family).  So, 8 days after an indictment, the attorney for the victim’s family makes a contribution to the DA who brought the charges . . .

Here is the Chris Chestnut contribution

chestnut disclosure robert james

Robert James indicted Officer Robert Olson on 1/21.

This contribution was made 8 days later.

And this is why you read disclosures. All kinds of fun stuff in there. They are like a Selena Montgomery novel.


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  1. Is there any politician in Dekalb that does not have questionable ethics? The attorney contribution does not surprise me but Hyde’s contribution is quite strange.

    Meanwhile Commissioner Stan Watson, who has pending ethics complaints, resigns his commission seat to run for Tax Commissioner which is the highest paid county position.

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