The Outsider Phenomenon Continues

Qualifying is underway for elections up and down the ballot. First time candidates are defining themselves for the voters with a common theme: Outsider. While “The Outsider” is not new to politics, reading it invokes memories of Senator David Perdue’s 2014 primary election. Senator Perdue beat a crowded field of current and former elected officials (and self-titled “The Minister of Truth”) with one simple line: “I am the outsider.”

Senator Perdue’s formula is easily replicated by candidates in elections ranging from local to federal. One candidate in particular, Jim Pace, is undoubtedly The Outsider in the 3rd Congressional District (he even declares it on this fancy website). He shares many similarities with Senator Perdue: Jim Pace is a successful businessman, he is utilizing an open seat rather than challenge an incumbent, and he is in a primary with an already elected politician’s existing machine. The most notable similarity is in Jim Pace’s staffing decisions, like hiring Evan Karanovich to manage his campaign. Georgia’s political observers and insiders will probably recognize his name from Senator Perdue’s staff. Karanovich was Senator Perdue’s personal aide during the campaign before switching over to an official capacity as the state field director for Perdue’s Senate office.

Explaining the “outsider” phenomenon usually traces back to Senator Perdue. POLITICO wrote about a meeting between Donald Trump and Senator Perdue following the 2014 election. In fact, Trump’s sweeping victories in the South can trace back to Senator Perdue’s election strategy. These “outsiders” are often businessmen and women who can self-finance a campaign. All campaign communications leads back to economic conservatism and fiscal responsibility. Voters, many whom often say “If I have to balance my checkbook, why doesn’t Washington?”, eat up their message of jobs and economic growth.

In the 2014 GOP Primary, each county in the 3rd went to Perdue and he again won each county in the July runoff against Congressman Jack Kingston. The question is whether Pace can summon the “outsider” spirit the way Karanovich and his colleagues did for Senator Perdue. The district is clearly ripe for outsider candidates and it is certainly familiar with the “outsider” brand he will have on display. The district should be his depending on how Pace plays his cards.

The 3rd District GOP primary will be a notable election to watch. Pace is in a primary with Senator Mike Crane and West Point Mayor Drew Ferguson. Whichever candidate wins the GOP primary will more than likely sail to victory in November against the Democrat candidate, Pastor Tamarkus Cook.

You can read Jim Pace’s press release announcing his campaign below the fold.

This is a big step for Mary and me.  As you may know, we never intended to run for Congress, but it is absolutely necessary.

After eight years of the Obama agenda, career politicians and out-of-touch bureaucrats have taken our country down the wrong path.  Our federal government is out of control, our national debt is quickly approaching $19 trillion and our nation is dire need for new leadership.  We must return to the conservative economic principles and moral values that made our country the greatest country on Earth.

The majority of Americans say our nation is headed in the wrong direction. I’m one of those Americans.

But I can’t and won’t look my grandchildren in the eyes and tell them I didn’t try to restore the American dream for them and their future.

That’s why I’m running for Congress. And that’s why I need your support, your prayers, and your vote.

We need volunteers to talk to their neighbors, to put out yard signs, host meet and greets, and just folks to share our message. Please join Team Pace today!

Time is short, the primary on May 24 is just 76 days away, and we need your help. Feel free to email me at [email protected] or fill out this form if you can help.

I look forward to seeing and hearing from you as I travel across the district.


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Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

Based on Perdue’s accomplishments, copy-cats ought to get crackin’, since its a phenomenon that will play out in a few years.