The Georgia Counties That Had the Most Support for Donald Trump

After Tuesday’s presidential primary in Georgia, you probably know that Donald Trump won every one of Georgia’s 159 counties except for Clarke, Cobb, DeKalb, and Fulton. And when you look at a map of the race, you see a sea of red except for those four. That isn’t very helpful in determining where The Donald is strongest, so I went ahead and put together this map:

Deeper shades of orange indicate a higher level of support for Donald Trump. Click to enlarge.
Deeper shades of orange indicate a higher level of support for Donald Trump.
Click to enlarge.

The lightest county is DeKalb, where only 25.2% of voters chose Donald Trump on their ballots. Atkinson county in southeast Georgia is the deepest shade of orange, with 65.9% of its voters being Trump supporters. In general, Trump enjoyed the least support in metro Atlanta, and slightly more support in the Peach State’s larger cities, including Augusta, Columbus, and Savannah. For the most part, Trump’s support was lower in the mountains than it was below the fall line, and strongest in southwest Georgia.

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John Konop
John Konop

Jon, I was listen to the Morning Joe show, and they made this very point why Trump will win Florida. Joe who was a GOP congressman from the area said that is Trump country in Florida. The areas outside the major metro areas are strong holds, and that support is strong for Trump. This was the place that was suppose to be Cruz country. I wonder why he did not catch on in that area verse Trump. My bet is Social Security and Medicare, I think the privatize message by Cruz scares a lot of the people. A majority of… Read more »


That’s a cool map, Jon.

I thought it was especially clever of Trump’s people to hold their Valdosta rally late. The two major TV markets down their are Albany and Tallahassee. North Florida above I-4 is politically and culturally a lot more like south Georgia and Alabama than it is Atlanta. Valdosta is just as close to Tampa and Orlando as Atlanta, and Jacksonville is much closer.


I commend your choice to use deepening shades of orange for increased Trump support.


Seems like Rubio got the Romney vote from the 2012 presidential primary, winning the upper crust areas like Buckhead, Dunwoody and Sandy Springs. But once you got outside the upper-crust areas, it was largely Trump territory this time (and Gingrich territory 4 years ago). Thought Trump had a good line last night when questioned by Cruz about electability, noting that Trump has won 10 of the 15 contests so far, compared to 4 fo4 Cruz and a mere one—the obscure Minnesota primary—for Rubio. Speaking of Rubio, he would not even admit that Florida is a “must win” state for him… Read more »