11Alive #SECPrimary Livestream And GeorgiaPol Open Thread

Tonight 11Alive will be airing a Livestream beginning at 7:00pm. If this thing is working that’s what you should be seeing above. This will be mostly local coverage of the SEC Primary results with the 11Alive News Team, as well as discussion and analysis by Democratic Communications Consultant (and a friend of mine) Liz Flowers and Anchor Jon Shirek.

You get your say in the comments below.

At 10PM coverage will shift to WATL tv 36 (11Alive’s sister station) and then be on the main NBC channel for the regular 11pm news that will feature expanded campaign coverage. At least, that’s the plan. Will join as I can in the comments below from time to time. Y’all don’t do anything too crazy tonight. It’s just the future of our Republic that’s at stake.


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