Morning Reads for Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Good morning! Let’s start the day with a slow clap for today’s offering from the AJC’s Pulitzer-winning political cartoonist, Mike Luckovich.

And now, the rest of the Reads:

  • This Tom Friedman column is nearly a week old, but I’ve been dying to share it since last week, mainly because of this perfect paragraph:

Donald Trump is running against pluralism. Bernie Sanders shows zero interest in entrepreneurship and says the Wall Street banks that provide capital to risk-takers are involved in “fraud,” and Ted Cruz speaks of our government in the same way as the anti-tax zealot Grover Norquist, who says we should shrink government “to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.” (Am I a bad person if I hope that when Norquist slips in that bathtub and has to call 911, no one answers?)


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