Westmoreland Brings Trey Gowdy To The Galleria Tomorrow For Marco Rubio

Georgia’s 3rd District Congressman Lynn Westmoreland knows Trey Gowdy well. They’ve served together not just as Congressmen from neighboring states in the GOP caucus, but also served together on the House committee investigating Benghazi. Tomorrow they’ll be talking about another common interest: Electing Marco Rubio.

The media availability will be tomorrow afternoon just before rush hour. We’ll see if we can’t get you covered with a report tomorrow evening or early Friday.

(Updated) …and as I was posting this, I have an email noting that South Carolina Governor Nicki Haley has endorsed Marco Rubio. Go ahead and consider this a GOP Presidential primary open thread. SC is about narrowing down the lane of candidates not named “Trump” or “Cruz”. Does Haley’s endorsement say the “governor’s” lane will now be taken by a Senator from Florida?


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