Morning Reads for Feb. 17

The 2016 General Assembly is more than 50% over and Georgia is still here. Barely.

“Gas Station Women” by Phil Ochs. 

  1. Kasim Reed says the Sanders “foolishness” won’t fly in GA. 
  2. Left-leaning economists also not feeling the Bern. 
  3. Could CNN be leaving Atlanta? 
  4. Or is Robin Meade’s 100k commode the bigger story?
  5. Atlanta “doesn’t get” historic preservation. 
  6. Buckhead zip code ATL’s most educated, Pine Log the least educated. 
  7. Could it be David Nahmias who is the strong Georgian to replace Antonin Scalia? 
  8. 250k settlement from Georgia in transgender inmate hormone therapy lawsuit. 
  9. New York Times shows Atlanta’s dining scene some serious love. 

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