Senators McKoon and Fort call for an apology and a resignation

Senator Josh McKoon went to the well in the Georgia Senate this morning with the purpose to draw attention to the exchange he had with the Speaker’s Counsel Terry Chastain following Thursday’s session.

Per McKoon, “The Counsel for the Speaker of the House just used some language to describe me that I cannot post here because of its profane nature. He informed me if I wantto [criticize] House bills that I should run for the House. Evidently in addition to refusing to defend the free exercise of Georgians, if he could have it his way he would take away my right of free speech. ‪#‎gapol‬ ‪#‎gasen‬ ‪#‎rfra‬“

In the well this morning, Senator McKoon issued his response. He asked for an apology to the Senate and the resignation of the Speaker’s Counsel. He was supported in this by Democratic Senator Vincent Fort. Sen. McKoon, you may recall, went to the well to defend Fort against the recriminations of Representative Tommie Benton earlier in the session.


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