Morning Reads after NH

So a fifth-place finish for Rubio means what? He’s the frontrunner? #Marcomentum. Of the first four primary states, only one has a population that is under 90% white. The U.S. is 77% white. #Representative

  1. The City of Atlanta is safer than it’s ever been with virtually every crime statistic at historic lows–and dropping. 
  2. Granted a lot of that has to do with richer residents moving in but still.
  3. 500 pounds of pot ($1.2 million worth) seized in Gwinnett. 
  4. But all the drugs/crime are ITP. Never forget that.
  5. Max Blau on the haphazard ways our esteemed legislature applies tax breaks. 
  6. On bringing healthy foodstuffs, and making them part of diets, in poorer parts of Atlanta. 
  7. The “best reasonable” estimate for how much vacant properties cost Atlanta is $153.2 million–but the true number is likely much higher. 
  8. Grady HS students are idiots.
  9. Australia cuts 110 climate scientists jobs because the scientific debate on climate change is settled. 
  10. Unless you’re a Republican.
  11. Atlanta blues legend Beverly “Guitar” Watkins profiled by Oxford American. 



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