Morning Reads — February 8th

Good morning! I hope you’re enjoying your post-Super Bowl Monday. It’s only the best Monday of the year.




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Pete Gibbons
Pete Gibbons

1) If you are going to be overzealous in victory, you should at least be gracious in defeat. #Cam

2) Monkeypuppybaby is now polling higher than Kasich in NH.

3) I evidently need to step up my twitter game.

4) apple pie > apple pay

5)Newton’s rolling on the ground crying throughout the 4th quarter is similar to what I expect from Trump when the bubble bursts.

6) This is all the effort I had in me today and I just spent it here.

Pete Gibbons
Pete Gibbons

Oh, and Hillary did an amazing job with the National Anthem. I assume the new look is from showering in Flint before she left?


Broncos defense superb, Nice exit for Manning, half time (except for optics) lame, most commercials lame, Newton for all his talk should have gone for his ball at the end, the media was still with him until then. Hillary: pandering to a city and states local problems with other people’s money. If 100,000 folks (a lot not paying federal taxes) get a billion surely she can come to Atlanta and give us $5 billion for water or Marta. Beach: another showboat. Prefer a yes or no that he will have a divided highway in place – state 140 and connectors… Read more »

Andrew C. Pope
Andrew C. Pope

Perdue is a great pick for chief windmill tilter, he’s a natural at meaningless show votes.

The Bern Your Enthusiasm short on SNL was hilarious.

Christie punched Rubio in the face Saturday night. I mean, holy cow, that was a disaster of a performance. Anyone else notice how profusely Rubio was sweating after that moment?

Ben Carson, brain surgeon, has no clue how to follow stage direction.

Hopefully that’s the last time I have to listen to Jim Nantz fawn over Peyton and his fivehead.


Summary of Saturday’s debate. Rubio. Overall disappointing. The kid got beat up by the big guy but it’s not fatal. He was better towards the end of the debate. Christie. Effective Rubio attacks and likely gained some votes but not much else. Jebby. Good performance. Successful criticism of Trumpet use of eminent domain. Also talked about giving money and authority to states. Gained a few votes. Kasich. Just ok. After several weeks of obnoxiousness, he now says he is the “positive” candidate. Cliché, weak immigration policy. Again touted his record. Gains a few votes that Rubio lost. Trumpet. Not particularly… Read more »


Perdue is just more an embarrassment every time I hear his name mentioned with anything. The man is just stupid. There is no other way to say that other than he is not stupid just thinks he is playing to a bunch of REALLY stupid people. Either way…nothing to be proud of. Price’s plan has been dissected a million times and it would drive up costs for most people drive coverage quality to the lowest denominator (thats buying across state lines). It would allow insurance companies to rip people off by selling worthless plans… The law (and it is the… Read more »