Marco Rubio Campaign Announces 25 New Members of Georgia Leadership Team

Georgia for Rubio State Chairman Congressman Austin Scott with supporters at a Capitol press conference.  Photo: Jon Richards
Georgia for Rubio State Chairman Congressman Austin Scott with supporters at a Capitol press conference.
Photo: Jon Richards
As advance voting got underway in Georgia on Monday, the Marco Rubio campaign held a press conference at the state capitol to announce additional members of Rubio’s Georgia leadership team. The most significant addition to the team is 3rd District Congressman Lynn Westmoreland. Other notable additions include State Senators Dean Burke and Tommie Williams, and seven state representatives.

According to someone who was not authorized to speak for the campaign, Rubio supporter South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy will be in Atlanta on Thursday, February 18th to raise money and campaign for the candidate. Efforts are being made to get Rubio himself to Georgia, but to date, no firm arrangements have been made.

In a statement, Congressman Scott acknowledged the additions to the leadership team.

The momentum behind Marco’s campaign is undeniable, and we are excited to add an impressive list of Georgia leaders to the team today. Republicans across the country are rallying behind Marco because he has an optimistic vision for our nation and a detailed plan to usher in a New American Century. Georgians will play a very important role in ensuring we nominate the candidate best suited to defeat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in November, and I look forward to working with this outstanding team to energize voters as we approach the March 1 primary.

State Senator Dean Burke of Bainbridge said,

A lot of politicians in Washington have talked about the harmful impact Obamacare is having on families across the country but few have actually done anything about it. Early on, Marco warned of a taxpayer bailout of the insurance industry, and he succeeded in stopping it, already saving taxpayers $2.5 billion. That’s the kind of leader we need in the White House, someone who can not only identify problems but can implement solutions. I am proud to support Marco Rubio for president and look forward to working hard to build support for his campaign in Georgia.

The following individuals were added to the Rubio Georgia leadership team:

U.S. Representative Lynn Westmoreland
Mike Beaudreau – Former Gwinnett County Commissioner
Brian Brodrick – Watkinsville City Councilman
State Senator Dean Burke – Bainbridge
State Representative Sharon Cooper – Marietta
State Representative John Corbett – Lake Park
State Representative Robert Dickey – Musella
Mayor Bill Dunaway – Former Mayor of Marietta
Mayor Steve Edwards – Mayor of Sugar Hill
State Representative Barry Fleming – Harlem
Councilman Dick Goodman – Suwannee City Council
Bob Irvin – Atlanta, Former State House Republican Leader
Matthew Krull – Douglas County Solicitor General
State Representative Chuck Martin – Alpharetta
Councilwoman Linnea Miller – Suwannee City Councilwoman
State Representative Randy Nix – LaGrange
Councilman Derek Norton – Smyrna City Councilman
State Representative Jesse Petrea – Savannah
State Representative Tom Rice – Norcross
State Representative Jason Shaw – Lakeland
Jerry Shearin – Former Paulding County Chairman
State Representative Ron Stephens -Savannah
Will Wade – Dawson County School Board Chairman
State Senator Tommie Williams – Lyons
Stone Workman – Monticello Mayor Pro Tempore

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The Eiger
The Eiger

These endorsements are great, but I sure would like to see some type of ground game going on here in Georgia for Rubio. Hopefully they won’t wait until after South Carolina to get things moving here.


ABTOC–anybody but Trump or Cruz. The establishment rolls on. What’s Plan B if Rubio craters? Or is that too unlikely to consider?

The Eiger
The Eiger

I’m not sure there is a plan B. Whatever happens tomorrow I don’t think that Rubio will fade quick enough for a Bush, Kasich or Christie to take over. That means you would have two or more establishment candidates in the race through Florida and that only helps Cruz and Trump. I think the only way to beat Trump and Cruz is to have only one viable option by Florida. I believe that option is Rubio.


While I didn’t listen I saw tweets saying Rush has been touting Rubio over Trump today, and that alone should keep him from cratering. The biggest opportunity for Trump is for the field to slowly consolidate. A Trump-Rubio-Cruz finish should and likely would freeze out the Governors and force much quicker consolidation. I’m not sure any of the Governor’s get very far with a distant 3rd place finish or lower however.


Almost all primaries until Florida on March 15 are proportional, so someone like Jeb could skate by getting 3rd place finishes and still only be a few delegates behind until then. Texas is March 1 but it’s proportional so things could still be muddled then. Florida is likely to be make or break for a few candidates. And Illinois is March 15 also- part winner take all part proportional. Repubs should be down to two or maybe three realistic candidates by then.


Second through fifth should be bunched in NH but for Rubio to finish third or worse would be perceived as a defeat. At the least that result would derail his 3-2-1 strategy which I never believed much anyway because I don’t think he can win in SC despite endorsements from Haley, Scott, Gowdy, et al. Does Jeb! have any chance still? He’s in it at least until SC and probably FL, he still has bales of money to spend, and if you squint you can see him finishing second or third in NH. I wonder if mainstream gopers pivot to… Read more »

John Konop
John Konop

I think Rubio did so bad in the last debate, Bush and Kasich end up ahead of him. I think it will be Trump, Bush, Kasich, Rubio, Cruz, Christie….Also Cruz falls via whimping out agianst Trump in the debate, and the Iowa scandal with Carson.

The Eiger
The Eiger

Jeb still has the ability to run for senate in Florida. The primary isn’t until the end of August so he could limp through super Tuesday and then decide to get out.

My prediction for tonight is Trump first then Rubio and Kasich are pretty much tied for 2nd and third. Then Cruz fourth with Bush a distant fifth.