Morning Reads Wherein I Ponder February

UPDATE: I can’t believe I was remiss and failed to link to the starting lineup of Puppy Bowl XII. Slide 15 is Georgia’s representative. 

Truly this is the dreariest month of all. But what’s problematic with the weather is that I’ve already seen several flowering trees bloom weeks ago. This is going to be a hellacious year for agriculture.

“Tidal Wave” by The Apples in Stereo. (No band captured the Elephant 6 sound better).

  1. “Our sole Doctor of Southern Groundology, Gen. Beauregard Lee,” says the winter-that-never-came will end soon. And he probably has more authority on our climate, than, you know, climate scientists. 
  2. #OnlyInAmerica!
  3. Atlanta’s CIO on semi-Big-Brother techniques to make city safer. 
  4. Could Dekalb, DEKALB OF ALL PLACES, sink MARTA expansion? 
  5. Winning the fight against gerrymandering in Dixie. 
  6. Allen Peake on growing pot in Georgia, civil disobedience. 
  7. Want to watch a live stream of Georgia newspaper publisher Mike Buffington growing pot? You’re in luck!
  8. Oh. You don’t?
  9. Politico on why conservative judge Dax Lopez just wasn’t conservative enough for Sen. David Perdue. 
  10. None of the reasons are good.
  11. Isakson raises money for Parkinson’s research. 
  12. Please give.
  13. Searching for an underground culture in Karachi. 

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