Georgia’s Universities Continue Fundamentally Corrupt Collegiate Athletics System

Only 10 of the 205 Division 1-level athletic departments in the U.S. gave more money to their schools than what they received in subsidies. A whopping zero of those 10 schools are in Georgia meaning UGA, Tech, GSU and Southern are all guilty of corrupting their schools for the benefit of athletics.

The findings came in a blistering report from The Chronicle of Higher Education which is now behind a paywall.

Even more damning than 95.1% of all athletic departments living off the largesse of their parent institutions, despite collegiate athletics being a multi-billion dollar industry built on indentured servitude, is that “less than $1 of every $100 in revenue generated by major college athletic departments at public colleges is directed to academic programs.”

Here is an instance where we are the problem. As much as I love collegiate athletics, our major universities are now sports teams being pretending to be schools. If we truly loved our universities–not their football/basketball teams–we’d be calling for an end to this perverse practice. Look at the number of schools, mine included, that are running at the opportunity to throw millions of dollars at one, possibly two, sports teams for some lucre they’ll never earn, all while running athletic departments that almost universally operate in the red. 

Put another way, what would be a more compelling reason for you to donate to your alma mater (if the team you support is the school you actually attended): a national championship in football or a 20% increase in the amount of professors being published? A Final Four appearance or admissions standards increase?


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