Morning Reads — America Lost.

Our nation lost. Not just on Sunday but also that we have only one decent tennis player anymore. 

“Providence” by Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy. 

  1. $8 billion for MARTA rail?
  2. Harold Jones: make pot possession a misdemeanor. 
  3. Long-blighted areas being redeveloped. 
  4. Coke’s balm: smaller cans?
  5. Immigrants save Atlanta business. 
  6. Atlanta Archdiocese providing spiritual relief at Atlanta airport. 
  7. The Autry state pen seems like a very poorly run establishment. 
  8. Clearly more people with guns were needed to prevent deaths in gun store shooting. 
  9. Steve Kilbey listens to Triple J’s Hottest 100 So You Don’t Have To.
  10. So uh, Abe Vigoda is actually dead. 

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