Morning Reads for 1/20/16

  1. Rest easy about the wintry weather, Georgia: Gov. Deal is on it. 
  2. Dixie’s Democrats have changed for the better. And by “change” they mean the racists either died or switched parties. 
  3. Partisanship barges in on John Lewis’ dream. 
  4. CNN reports on “slow” return to life on Auburn Avenue. This “slow” return that happened a decade ago. 
  5. Six GSU signees enrolled for spring classes. 
  6. On Coke’s new global marketing campaign. 
  7. The Methodists are coming!
  8. Savannah State bowl game canceled. 
  9. “The Road Goes on Forever” An article about finding the Allman Brothers in Macon that spends very little time on finding the band’s roots in Macon. 
  10. Atlanta-made “Archer” gets a season debut date. 

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