Dem. Rep files bill to remove Stone Mountain as memorial to Confederacy

Georgia State Representative LaDawn Jones, an Atlanta Democrat, has kept her promise.

Jones recently filed House Bill 760 to “change the purpose of Stone Mountain” and allow elected officials and bureaucrats to effectively change, alter, and remove monuments from certain memorials. Specifically, House Bill 760 would:

  • Eliminate Stone Mountain Memorial Park as a memorial to the Confederacy
  • Give the state, any state agencies, authorities, departments, and/or instrumentalities overseeing such monuments the ability to change, alter, and remove memorials and monuments and replace them with ones they believe to be “appropriate” and “historically accurate.”
  • Changes the word  “Confederate,” when referring to memorials, to “Civil War Era”

The bill is clear to grant the state agencies “limitless” power to make changes. The Sons of Confederate Veterans have spoken out against the bill and said the “limitless power” to bureaucrats goes too far while the proposed changes are an attempt to re-write history in a politically correct manner.

Currently, no co-sponsors are listed on the bill.


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