Morning Reads for MLK Day, Monday January 18th, 2016

The AJC’s Kristina Torres presents a recap of the first week of the legislative session–Charlie and I do the same kind of thing here. However, we understand that SoS Brian Kemp will make his budget presentation in person tomorrow rather than sending a surrogate.

Watching the AJC’s James Salzer try to explain common sense legislation immediately brought to mind this Kevin Williamson piece from 2010 where he breaks down a new legislator’s desire “to apply common sense in Washington, to fix what’s broken in order to serve the public interest and the common good.” There are at least three new phrases for Salzer to explain in future episodes. You’re welcome.

The rest of the reads are below the fold.

Today is the day we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King highlighted by the memorial service at Ebenezer Baptist Church featuring Dr. William Barber, President of the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP. There are many ways to celebrate the day, including in Snellville, where everybody may be somebody, but political division means there will be two separate parades to mark the holiday.

Dr. King grew up and lived in Atlanta, and more than 45 years after his passing, his driver, Tom Houck, continues to provide tours of King’s Auburn Avenue neighborhood. You can catch a video preview of the tour here.

GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz stirred things up with his accusation that Donald Trump has “New York values,” beginning at Thursday’s GOP debate, and continuing over the weekend. Some called it a masterful way to ding Trump. Others, not so much.

Democratic presidential candidates debated last night, although many people might not have known the debate was on.

Last week brought the annual State of the Union address. Here’s the State of the Millennial. It’s not as glowing as what the president presented Tuesday night.

What’s the best way to evaluate teacher performance? That’s an important component in the discussion over the merit pay issue that Governor Deal punted to next year. Maureen Downey in the AJC points out potential horrors in the way evaluations are conducted now, while this op-ed says that the way we measure teacher–and doctor–performance misses the point.

Leadership of an Athens church will be replaced as the congregation struggles with its denomination’s theology.

Is the America of today just a repeat of the way the country was in the 1920s, or is this just a repeat of the 1870s?

Denver tops Pittsburgh and will meet New England for the AFC championship, while Carolina downed Seattle and the Cardinals defeated Green Bay to set up the battle for the NFC Super Bowl slot.

Enjoy your MLK Day. Don’t believe everything you see online about King. And remember, the man who advocated judging people by the content of their character had a sense of humor, too.


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