Will Gwinnett and Hall Counties Provide Voting Materials in Spanish?

If the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials and advocacy group LatinoJustice have their way, then yes.

A report in The AJC says their cases rests on their reading of a provision of the Voting Rights Act. 

Jerry Gonzalez, GALEO’s executive director, said providing Spanish-language ballots would make it easier for many people to vote.

“It’s about enforcing the Voting Rights Act and ensuring voters – U.S. citizens – have access to voting, to the full extent that the Voting Rights Act provides,” Gonzalez said.

We don’t have an official language in the U.S. so I can’t get too terribly wrapped up about what language our voting materials are in. I can’t see why doing something that isn’t illegal and creates a more level playing field for all Americans to exercise their right to full democratic participation is a bad thing.

Oh, right. Democrats might get elected.


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