The First MRs of Greatness on the Greatest GA Pol Site Ever!

I had long been convinced I would suffer a fate like Firs from “The Cherry Orchard.” Alas, Fortuna has not spun her dastardly wheel in such a way…. yet. 

  1. Georgia’s own Zippy Duval was elected president of the American Farm Bureau Association. 
  2. Why Mike Buffington of Georgia’s Mainstreet Newspapers is growing pot. 
  3. Hillary sez We Can’t Legalize Drugs Because “There’s Too Much Money In It.” 
  4. GSU professor Mary Stuckey breaks down SOTU with NPR. 
  5. Is Lynn Westmoreland the most interesting man in Georgia? 
  6. A 4:00 AM Knock and They are Gone: On the deplorable deportation policies in the U.S. and the havoc they wreak in Atlanta. 
  7. How might the presence of Atlanta hip hop artists Big Boi, Killer Mike, Waka Flocka Flame, Usher and others have an impact on the 2016 POTUS race? 
  8. Georgia property caught up in IRS fight over golf courses abusing, uh, misusing tax loopholes. 
  9. The Atlanta Silverbacks: RIP in Peace. 
  10. Trust the tastes of the Videodrome folks over your own instincts for 2015’s best flicks.
  11. Do we need a Kenny Rogers theme park on a man-made island in Lake Lanier?
  12. Do we need oxygen to sustain life?
  13. One also must assume the proprietors would have a good guidance for knowing at what point the venture they ought to walk away from the property and when to keep going.

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