Georgia Found to have Made Most “Racial Progress” in America, Seventh Most-Integrated State

The well-known bastion of sociological expertise,WalletHub, crunched numbers from all 50 states in our union and the District of Columbia to evaluate racial progress and the increase of integration in our states and D.C. Georgia, for all her warts, has fared excellently. We’re no. 7 for integration and no. 1 for racial integration.

What does that mean? Well, integration should be straight forward but the conclusion was reached evaluating a variety of metrics based on education, poverty levels, voter participation and more. Racial progress is “measured by calculating the difference between whites and blacks for a given metric, using the oldest available data and the most recent. Based on the result, we calculated the percentage of progress for that specific metric in the analyzed period.” Oh… kay.

You can see that the rest of the methodology is quite a bit thin, shall we say. But, the point of the study is still valid and should be celebrated because we don’t need semi-serious studies to tell us what we already know: “America has certainly come a lot closer to realizing Dr. King’s vision.”

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the methodology doesn’t even make clear whether ranks reflect a lack of a gap to begin with, or progress from the past. this makes the results quite unhelpful.