Walk Toward the Light, Baby

I’m one of those rare commodities, a native Georgian. Raised a Democrat, I’m now mostly right-leaning, but always a conservative first and foremost. While I’m not a card-carrying member of any party, there are some who call me a “Good Republican.”  My career background is in IT and cybersecurity.  Other titles include, but are not limited to, wife, mother, daughter, caregiver, sister, artist, musician, writer, gardener, and certified smart aleck.

I’ve been at this blogging thing for almost ten years. It started as a hobby, really, just an amusing experiment. The original plan was to write about the Georgia of my youth – memories of places I’d been and how they’d been buried by over-development, neglect or careless zoning. A big issue was how Georgia could still grow and modernize, but keep that graciousness I remembered. Ranting about bad manners almost always turned to politics. The rants turned into something bigger; almost a calling to do my part to set things right, not only in my own backyard but across this country I love so much.  Today I start a new chapter here at GeorgiaPOL.

Then there’s the Star Wars thing.  And the Star Trek thing.  And Battlestar Gallactica.  Babylon 5.  Firefly… I blame the hobbits.   They started it all.

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