What Am I Doing Here?

IMG_20140320_123940 (1)Charlie has said before that we have reasons why we do what we do here.  Now that’s got me to thinking “well, what *AM* I doing here?”  Politics isn’t my profession, but it is my hobby.  It’s a hobby that can frustrate the living bull squeeze out of you, but it can be rewarding.  Sometimes.  We aim for good policy, but a lot of times it’s not like a game where there’s a definite winner at the end, but it’s a process where you’re making moves towards a goal.  It’s a long, drawn out game of chess.  

I’ve been involved in Republican Party politics for over 10 years now.  It’s quite intriguing to see the Party that wanted to become more inclusive has changed to a more paranoid, populist Party.  It’s to where a wing of the Party seems to desire the defeat of their own Party’s leadership rather than Democratic opponents.  Personally, I like Speaker Paul Ryan.  He seems like a leader who is willing to communicate what our Republican principles are in a calm, even tone.  He’s a leader who knows that the end game will take time, and he’s playing with that mentality.  I want us to fight and show that the Republican Party is a party of ideas, and that is why I’m looking at getting more involved with policy initiatives.

I’m a IT guy, and I’m excited to see the technology sector growing in our great state.  It’s also exciting to see growth in the Chattanooga area with the network-wide availability of 10 Gbps Internet access (there are parts of northwest Georgia that are within the service area).  It’s something that I hope our General Assembly will consider legislation that will help bolster the tech community.  Of course, that’s where I’m hoping to become more involved.

The Northwest Georgia Regional Commission has a plan that they have crafted to bolster not just the IT industry in northwest Georgia, but to help change the way businesses consider IT investment (that’s the key, an investment rather than yet another cost of doing business).  It’s something I look forward to getting more involved in, and I hope that I can share ideas with the GeorgiaPOL community, including our legislators reading this during the session (*waves*), and have a good exchange of ideas.

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I think we should all ask ourselves this question more often, and not as a rhetorical one. Helps regain focus, and a sense of urgency.

Regardless of the “why”, I’m glad you’re here.

Welcome home.


One nit: I think in a “democracy” there should be no political “end game”. The day one ideology is all we have would mean we have probably lost whatever we were struggling to maintain. In a free society there will presumably always be dissent.

That’s my deep thought for today.