Morning Reads for Monday, January 11th 2016

The front page of the January 12, 1982 Atlanta Constitution
The front page of the January 13, 1982 Atlanta Constitution reported the effects of SnowJam.
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34 years ago today, January 11th 1982, was also a Monday. It had been cold, and in the early afternoon, it began to warm up. Around 4 PM, it started to snow. Everyone panicked. It took me over six hours to get from Perimeter Center to Stone Mountain. And thus the first SnowJam was born.

It’s Day One of the 40 day Georgia General Assembly session. Here’s a preview of what might happen.

Not familiar with some of the terms you might hear while at the Gold Dome? James Salzer has a li’l hep.

The AJC released its annual pre-session poll over the weekend. The results might surprise you.

Whether Donald Trump becomes the GOP presidential nominee or not, many in the Republican Party are worried about a permanent split.

David Bowie, who set the stage for art rock back in the early 70s, is dead at age 69.

If a union represents you as a public employee, but you don’t want to join, do you still have to pay dues? That’s what the Supreme Court will consider today.

Some of the Republican presidential candidates were in South Carolina this weekend for the Annual Kemp Forum. Thoughtful discussion ensued.

There was no Powerball winner on Saturday, so the prize rolls over to an estimated $1.3 billion (with a B) for Wednesday’s drawing. What are your chances of winning the whole thing?


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