Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders Could Address General Assembly this Year

House Speaker David Ralston said any presidential candidate still in the running by the time Georgia’s presidential primary rolls around are welcome to address the Georgia General Assembly. In a truly magnanimous moment, Ralston said “I’ll even welcome members of the other party.”

Well if that doesn’t sound like he’s rolling out the red carpet for Democrats, I don’t what does…

Ralston added: ““I don’t know how many will be in the race when it gets to Georgia. I don’t think everybody that’s in now, will be. But they’ll all be invited.”

The ever-astute Jim Galloway of the AJC notes that Ralston is “a fan” of Chris Christie. 

Galloway also writes: “[P]arading a presidential candidate through the Capitol entails mere logistics and enough sense of protocol to determine who gets the first audience: The governor, the speaker, the lieutenant governor, or the lobbyist for the National Rifle Association?”

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