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Morning Reads for Thursday September 5, 2019

On this day the Brits took Singapore without opposition, Tokyo Rose was arrested in Yokohama, ZEEP – Canada’s first nuclear reactor went critical and Igor Gouzenko defected with 109 documents detailing Soviet espionage in the West. More importantly Kathryn Louise Gent was born in Baltimore, MD and she went on to attempt to keep one

AG Carr on the addiction stigma

September is National Recovery Month, and today, an estimated 180,000 Georgians are living with an opioid-use disorder. To put this staggering number into perspective, that means we have a population the size of Macon coping with the malicious effects caused by the opioid crisis. That was the opening paragraph of Attorney General Chris Carr’s op-ed

Collins hears from 9th District Farmers

9th District Congressman Doug Collins met with members of the White County Farm Bureau yesterday to discuss challenges facing the local agriculture industry and provide an update on key issues in Washington. During the meeting, Collins answered questions on a variety of issues ranging from compliance to immigration. After the meeting the Congressman had these

Collins visits local defense supplier

9th District Congressman Doug Collins visited ABB Inc. in Flowery Branch, GA yesterday to see firsthand the skilled jobs and business that the production of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers brings to the region. For a new aircraft carrier, ABB Inc. will produce several thousand motors that perform a variety of functions, including air handling (HVAC

Collins hosts First Responder Symposium

In 2018, at least 159 first responders nationwide died from suicide. That is nearly 10% more than the total number of line-of-duty deaths. This week 9th District Congressman Doug Collins hosted a mental health symposium for First Responders at Lanier Tech. Collins had these thoughts on the issues: Mental health is just as essential as

Privacy and Data Protection Proposed

9th District Congressman Doug Collins, Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, yesterday released guiding principles for legislation he plans to draft and introduce to protect online data as the property of consumers and establish privacy protections for online users. Commenting on the proposed legislation Collins said, “Congress should empower people to protect their data and

Taxpayer First Act signed

President Donald J. Trump signed the Taxpayer First Act into law, which includes 9th District Congressman Doug Collins’ Clyde-Hirsch-Sowers RESPECT Act. Congressman Collins remarked: For too long, hardworking individuals and small business owners—like Andrew Clyde—have fallen victim as the IRS has abused civil asset forfeiture. With the RESPECT Act finally becoming law, law-abiding citizens can

14th District Military Academy Appointees

Last week Representative Tom Graves held a send-off dinner in Calhoun to honor the students from the 14th Congressional District who were appointed to attend a United States Service Academy. The students, their county and their Academy are as follows: Ryan Craft, Catoosa County – U.S. Naval Academy Andy Ledbetter II, Paulding County – U.S.

9th District Military Academy Appointees

Last week, 9th District Congressman Doug Collins held a reception in Gainesville to honor the following eleven students from the 9th District who were accepted to the U.S. military service academies. Carter Mullikin from Gainesville was appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy. Carter is a graduate of North Forsyth High School. Jack Haller from Cumming

Rural Broadband Mapping

Currently providers of fixed broadband are required to provide a list of all census blocks where fixed broadband service is currently available. Under this system, providers can report a census block as “served” or report updated speeds in an entire block when, only one specific location has access to broadband service or updated speeds. This