Collins visits local defense supplier

9th District Congressman Doug Collins visited ABB Inc. in Flowery Branch, GA yesterday to see firsthand the skilled jobs and business that the production of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers brings to the region. For a new aircraft carrier, ABB Inc. will produce several thousand motors that perform a variety of functions, including air handling (HVAC systems and air movement), pumping (oil, aviation fuels, water distillation, waste water, etc.), fire suppression systems, flight deck elevator motors, resupply systems, and numerous other applications.

With the recent announcement of the U.S. Navy’s contract award to Huntington Ingalls Industries for the construction of the next two Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers, CVN 80 and CVN 81, it’s an exciting time for ABB Inc. and the work that the company does for the construction of these ships. The purchase of two aircraft carriers at once will stimulate the aircraft carrier supplier base of more than 2,000 suppliers in 46 states, allowing businesses to phase in work more efficiently.

Currently, 18 aircraft carrier suppliers in Georgia contribute more than $14 million worth of parts and services for the aircraft carrier program per vessel.

ABB Inc. is leading the way in global technology while providing hundreds of well-paying jobs right here in Hall County. It’s exciting to witness the remarkable innovation happening in our backyard, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to visit with the hardworking men and women at ABB Inc, commented the Congressman.

During his tour, Collins met with the employees at the facility to discuss the unique skills they contribute to the industrial base that supplies parts to the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier program and the variety of motors that the company produces and manufactures at its Flowery Branch, GA facility.

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