Jake Evans Announces Campaign in GA-6

After rumors of his candidacy have been making the circuit in Republican circles, Jake Evans has officially announced his candidacy as a Republican in the GA-6 Congressional race. The seat is currently held by Rep. Lucy McBath, a Democrat. Meagan Hanson announced her candidacy yesterday for the GOP primary.

While Jake Evans tends to be overshadowed by his accomplished father, former Ambassador and continual Republican stalwart Randy Evans, he has been making waves over the last few years for himself.

From a press release from the campaign:

Bold, conservative trailblazer Jake Evans today launched his candidacy for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District race to usher in the comeback to retake America.

“I’ve worked my entire life, starting in childhood, for Republican victories, and as a proud Georgian and American, I’m not going to stand by and surrender to the advance of the left,” Evans said. “While representing Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, my friend Speaker Gingrich led the Republican Revolution in 1994, and the patriots of this generation are ready to lead the Great American Comeback of 2022. And this Great American Comeback starts right here, in Georgia’s 6th District.”

“The Northern Arc of metro Atlanta is a thriving, dynamic region that cares about education, public safety, national defense and fair trade. But we’re stuck with a member of Congress who only cares about one issue – taking away the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans and leaving them defenseless against out-of-control crime. We need change, and I’m here to offer bold, conservative leadership that delivers an America First agenda to restore the values that make this country exceptional.”

A lifelong Georgian, Evans is an Atlanta attorney who’s fought in the trenches for conservative principles. He’s the only Georgia lawyer who’s overturned two elections in the same race, he fought for the counting of only legal votes during President Trump’s re-election in Pennsylvania all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and for religious liberties and for our churches. During his service as chairman of Georgia’s Ethics Commission, Evans fought corruption and drained the swamp by holding powerful politicians accountable, enforcing fines on dark money groups supporting Stacey Abrams, and on former Fulton County D.A. Paul Howard and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

“Georgia delivered strong election integrity reforms, and the Democrats representing us in Congress have lied about it to score political points – even pushing boycotts that hurt the very people they claim to champion,” Evans said, who as an attorney is working on a case to defend the election law from the Democrats’ legal assaults. “As the representative for the 6th District, I’ll fight for Georgia, not against it like the radical Left, and we’ll once against have a conservative voice in Congress who has the courage to stand up to the Woke Mob and Cancel Culture and to fight for the conservative principles that made America the greatest country on earth.”

Married earlier this year, Evans and his wife, Baylie, live in Cobb County.


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