Mike Collins Releases First GA-10 Ad

Approximately a year out from the Republican primary in GA-10, Mike Collins has released his first video ad entitled “Let’s Roll.” The ad is basically about Collins going to Washington to further the “Trump Agenda.” There is also a call at the end for former President Donald Trump to run again in 2024.

A press release gives a breakdown of the ad that you can see below.

Today Mike Collins’ congressional campaign launched its first video ad, “Let’s roll.” In it, Collins pledges to overhaul Washington, D.C., fight the “clown car” running Congress, and get the Trump agenda back on track. He also includes a special message to President Trump on my CB radio, using his Secret Service codename, “Mogul.”

In Congress, Collins will fight to:

  • Finish the wall and secure our borders
  • End liberal spending and tax hikes
  • Defend our Second Amendment rights
  • Protect the unborn
  • Stand up for our Christian and Georgia values


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