Hello Georgia!

Hello all! Let me introduce myself, I’m Elliot Pierce. I hail from the county least likely to ever host an international cremation association expo. The land of unfortunate Lone Ranger fame. I grew up in Walker County and moved back six years ago after my son was born. 

I come to GeorgiaPol thanks to an old classmate, Nathan Smith. We were just a few years apart in high school. I still remember the drubbing I received from him and other seniors on the scholar’s bowl team during one of my first practice sessions as a freshman. 

I’ve followed both GeorgiaPol and Peach Pundit since their beginnings. In a time when every other outlet ratchets up anger and sows division to chase clicks, I’ve always appreciated GeorgiaPol for the civil debate and honest presentation of facts.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to participate and look forward to sharing my perspective and ideas during the sure-to-be pivotal times ahead. 


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