Believe In The Resiliency Of America

The race for President of the United States could break either for President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden as I write this. Maybe we will know who will be sworn into office on January 20, 2021 later today or later this week, but life will go on. Sure, one political party will be strutting while the other is sulking, but we will be okay

I don’t believe that a Biden presidency would destroy the economy, and I don’t believe a continuation of the Trump presidency would cause widespread pestilence. Conversely, neither candidate will likely mend the division of America.

The victor in the Electoral College will have a narrow victory. The “Blue Wave” that was supposed to flood Washington DC never materialized with the Republicans likely retaining the majority in the Senate and narrowing the Democratic majority in the House. Neither party witnessed a landslide. Neither Biden or Trump would have a “mandate” of the people.

Politicos will analyze what went right in victories and who will be blame-shifted scapegoats in losses (here comes the finger pointing!). Normal people will return to their normal lives and figuring out how to make ends meet while Washington continues to bicker. In other words, life will go on.

In spite of the doom and gloom that is being thrown at us, we are a resilient nation. We are more alike than we are different, and we are willing to help our neighbor when times are tough or tragedy strikes. We saw a few glimpses of Trump and Biden supporters disagreeing without being disagreeable. I believe in the resiliency of America, so I believe we will be okay.


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