Election Night Open Thread

Fulton county won’t have polls closed county wide until 9pm, as well as parts of other counties that had problems in specific precincts/areas. Secretary of State Raffensperger has said that his office won’t release any results until all polls are closed, so it will be at least 9pm before we see any results. Given the large number of early/absentee paper votes, I have doubts that any close races will even be called tonight.

That said, here’s a quick recap of what I’ll be looking at in the morning over breakfast:

Presidential Primaries were on both Republican and Democratic Ballots. True election geeks will quickly let us know which candidate got the largest number of votes and percentage of party votes cast.

There’s a multiple person contest on the Democratic side to face David Perdue. Jon Ossoff, Teresa Tomlinson, and Sarah Riggs Amico are looking for two tickets into a runoff there.

For Congress, there are quite a few open seats on the Republican side. The field in GA-14 to replace Tom Graves was filled with newcomers and those that didn’t live in the district. The race to replace Doug Collins in GA-9 will likely have an insider lane and an outsider/Freedom Caucus lane, if the Freedom Caucus side doesn’t coalesce around a single candidate. In Ga-7, it’s likely the same, in a battle that likely pits Rich McCormick against Senator Renee Unterman. I expect my friend Karen Handel to lap the field against the various challengers in GA-6.

On the Democratic side, keep an eye on GA-13 to see if David Scott returns to Washington or is replaced, AOC style, by Michael Owens. I don’t pretend to have any insight into most Democratic primaries, so you’re on your own with predictions here, as in GA-7.

There’s several hotly contested State Senate races. Brandon Beach versus Michael Caldwell seems to have the social media title card for the North Fulton/Cherokee district. Rules Chairman Jeff Mullis is facing an anti-establishment tide in NW Georgia. I hope those considering replacing him that don’t want nothing understand what that really means.

There’s a race that seems to have gotten ugly in Senate District 13, where Senator Carden Summers is facing rival Spud Bowen. Summers just won the seat in March in a special election, replacing the late Senator Greg Kirk.

Then there’s a race that got even uglier in Paulding County, were former Dallas Mayor Boyd Austin is facing off against School Board Member Jason Anavitarte. I won’t rehash it here. We’ll see who prevailed later.

On the House side, a challenger for Republicans is Marcy Sakrison in her rematch with now incumbent Phillip Singleton. Anyone ever asked to sign a pledge for U.S. Term Limits should just tell them to go eff themselves, because they’re going to do hit pieces as they see fit whether you sign their pledge or not.

Down in Brunswick (they’ve been in the news a bit lately) there’s a House race with former Rep Buddy Deloach taking on current incumbent Jeff Jones. Control of the local police force in Glynn County has become a bit of a factor in that race. Other Republicans with credible challenges I’m aware of include Trey Kelley, Timothy Barr, Heath Clark, and possibly Katie Dempsey.

And, of course, there’s two contested races for Georgia’s Supreme Court.

I’m sure there are other races I care about. But I’m not sure I’m staying up for any of this. Y’all tell me who won in these and others you care about in the comments.

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