Collins’ Campaign Attacks Loeffler Over Statements About Stock Sales

From a press release from the Doug Collins for United States Senate campaign:

Doug Collins’ Senate campaign responded to Senator Kelly Loeffler’s assertion today that criticism of her potentially illegal stock trades is a “socialist attack.”

“We have taken extraordinary measures to make sure that we can’t be attacked for our success … this is a socialist attack,” Loeffler said on Fox News Channel today.

“Using your public office to make private profits while some Georgia families lose everything is not the American Dream,” said Collins chief strategist Chip Lake. “Shame on you for saying it is.”

Lake pointed out that Loeffler has yet to identify the intermediary who she claims directed her stock portfolios and their uncannily timed sales and purchases of companies poised to win or lose based on the then-looming Coronavirus pandemic hours after Loeffler had received confidential government briefings on the matter. She has also failed to say whether she has sold all of her individual stocks and what she would do with the proceeds she generated on those sales.

Unlike North Carolina Senator Burr, Loeffler has not invited an investigation into her activities although one or more are widely believed to be underway. Ethics complaints regarding her pandemic profiteering have been filed with the Senate Ethics Committee by Common Cause and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

DOJ, SEC & Ethics Complaints Filed Against Senators Burr, Feinstein, Loeffler & Inhofe for Possible Insider Trading & STOCK Act Violations


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